Turmeric, a plant with many health benefits

Turmeric has recently become popular in the west, but it has a long tradition in the ancient ayurvedic healing system. Modern research shows turmeric benefits us in many ways. Some of them being cancer prevention, antioxidant properties, and liver detoxification.

The Ayurvedic tradition goes even deeper and says the plant can clean and strengthen the blood at the same time. It also views it as one of the few plants, that are universally beneficial to everyone.

Turmeric also helps with digestion and cures many common digestive problems like flatulence and stomach pain.

Women in India also use it traditionally as a beauty product, applying it to their skin. This makes their skin yellow for several days, though. Turmeric also benefits our gums and teeth when used as a toothpaste, and you may use it as a local antiseptic agent, applying it to wounds. This makes the wounds close up and heal quicker.

Without any doubt, turmeric is one of the most healing plants on this planet. It will improve your health and also tastes amazing when used as a food spice.

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